Products & services

 Products and services of the shop.
There are 7 types as follows.

1. Type order design
1.1 Logo design brand.
1.2 Sticker design products.
1.3 Design the product label.
1.4 designed business cards.
1.5 design card points.
1.6 design - interactive text.
1.7 design drawing cartoons. Drawing a cartoon (film).

2. Type cutting sticker (cut) with plastic PVC.
1.1 Sticker Book - a text.
1.2 cut logo stickers brand items.
1.3 sticker logo / store.
1.4 sticker hologram 3 dimensions.
1.5 sticker hologram silver.
1.6 sticker OLO gram gold.
1.7 sticker letters.
1.8 cut car sticker.
1.9 sticker sticker

3. Type printed stickers die-cutting PVC (plastic PVC).
Properties of waterproof, sun bear. Soak water color stripping.
3.1 stickers printing, logo, brand
3.2 printed stickers label label label label label box.
3.3 printed stickers bar code / Barcode.
3.4 printed stickers envelope address parcel / package.
3.5 sticker hologram 3 dimensions.
3.6 printed stickers fake hologram.
3.7 print silver sticker.
3.8 printed stickers gold.
3.9 sticker sticker
3.10 type car sticker.
3.11 printed stickers advertising.
3.12 printed stickers labels, INKJET
3.13 printed stickers labels food menu.
3.14 printed stickers labels coffee shop menu
3.15 printed stickers gifts.
3.16 printed stickers gifts wedding.
3.17 printed stickers name and groom
3.18 stickers printing company name, the name of the hotel. School name.
3.19 printing sticker, cream bottle, bowl, cream
3.20 stickers printing, the products.
3.21 printing sticker, water bottle, juice
3.22 printing sticker glass coffee.

4. Type printed stickers die-cutting paper (meat).
The property is not waterproof.
4.1 stickers printing, logo, brand
4.2 printed stickers label label label label label box.
4.3 printed stickers envelope address parcel / package.
4.4 stickers printing, Kate.
4.5 printed stickers K money.
4.6 stickers printing, paper craft.
4.7 printed stickers name.
4.8 printed stickers gifts wedding.
4.9 printing sticker, cream bottle, bowl, cream
4.10 stickers printing, the products.
4.11 printing sticker, water bottle, juice

5. Type printing paper, plain (no meat back glue).
Use of a document.

5.1 business card printing 4 color.
5.2 business card printing, Kate.
5.3 business card printing K money.
5.4 printed brochures products 4 color.
5.5 printed brochures products 1 color / 2 color.
5.6 printing paper craft.
5.7 print envelopes, Kate.
5.8 envelope type K money.
5.9 print envelopes 4 color.

6. Type production order.
6.1 ordinary stamp
6.2 self-inking stamp.

7. Type printed text white On the meat PVC transparent shadows.
7.1 printed label.
7.2 stickers printing products.
7.3 logo printing company logo products.
7.4 print properties goods, tell the detail.



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